Why do family conflicts occur


2 April 2022

First things first, you need to understand what is really going on. You live together, but you are different, you each have different psychological types. All of us has an ego – it is precisely the ego that does not allow a person to accept another. Disputes arise and boundaries begin to blur. After a while, erasing the lines, you become those who no longer have the same ego as before, or the ego becomes even more subtle.

In a normal state, we are caught up in our own lives, and we don’t live to exercise care about the other person, we oppose them all the time. As a result, not only arguments but fights occur between people.

The creative approach to relationships

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Disputes occur between people because they were at odds with one another in a previous life. They haven’t worked it through yet in the past, haven’t figured out their relationships completely, and in this life they continue to do the same thing.

Quite often when people meet a person who they quickly become close to and they think: it means, we should get married, but this is not always the case. The feeling of closeness indicates that this person was with you in a previous life, and you feel an affinity with them. People discover they have a lot in common with one another and this makes them happy. But life is dull when everything is the same, when you know everything.


It's much more engaging when you are different, and you find opportunities for coexistence – that's the creative approach.

It's always possible to understand the other

Couples break up not because they didn’t find the opportunity to understand each other, to give in – they simply didn’t want to, because there are attachments to external things, dependence on external circumstances. For example, you may find one person attractive and another – unattractive. But are there unattractive people? Can the Creator create something unattractive?

Remember the story of Quasimodo – the most beautiful woman of all fell in love with him. Why? He was ugly from the point of view of others, but his Soul was extremely elevated, i.e., he had a beautiful Soul, and that made her fall in love with him.

When you love, when you express care for a person, you don’t care how they treat you.

You can always understand another person. But some say, “Look, my dog is far closer to me than than any of my relatives.” This is nonsense. This doesn’t make sense from the perspective of the right human attitude. A human being is superior to a dog – a man has seven chakras. A person is a spiritual entity that is capable of self awareness.

People don’t find a way to resolve conflicts because they don’t want to work on themselves.

If you develop the qualities of compassion – and they develop when you purify the heart and mind first of all – you begin to sympathize with the other, to have compassion. These are the elements of unconditional love.

That’s why we need to engage in spiritual practice and self-development.

Master Imram

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