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Why do we get sick


3 April 2021

Illness is a sin. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Health problems arise when there are contradictions between body and soul, between mind and Soul. Illnesses arise when a person is driven by the ego, by the mind and completely forgets about his true nature.

Illnesses develop when a person is not in love and does not make efforts to awaken this love. They occur when the link between the spiritual and physical components is missing. They come up when a person directs all his power and energy to material manifestations.

The main condition for health.

To stay healthy, one needs to forge a connection with their own Spirit, the Spirit within them, with the Soul, and bring this connection into the body. Then the Love that was manifested through the mind in the consciousness of the cell will restore what was previously lost. One needs to learn to accept this power so it can carry out the necessary transformation. This power has the knowledge of how everything should be from the outset. To master this, you need to direct your mind to the Divine. The mind should be directed towards what is called the “Self” or “Higher Self”.

The mind first needs to be calmed down, and then, you will finally feel peace and harmony. The two hemispheres of your brain will balance each other out and energy will flow naturally. To be healthy, Kriya techniques should be practiced. Practice yoga, create, do not accumulate toxins in your body, and even if you do get them through food, practice cleansing yourself of such toxins.

How to stay healthy

To stay healthy, one needs to take control of three main aspects. The first is to treat yourself correctly, to think in the right way. The second is to learn to perform special Pranayama breathing techniques – i.e., learn how to breathe correctly, consciously. And the third aspect – you need to stick to a diet. A person should eat foods that are charged with solar cosmic energy. Not a secondary, but a primary product, that grows under the sun and doesn’t run away from us.

This will help a person avoid accumulating a large amount of toxins. There still will be some, but they won’t be as aggressive. If a person thinks correctly, then the flow of energy through consciousness into the cell will be correct – even – and it will balance and compensate everything. Breathing, nutrition, and mindset are the three pillars that must be taken under control. Then life will be harmonious.

Master Imram

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