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Why people don’t have children


13 May 2022

It’s not quite right when a man and a woman suddenly realise they are going to have a baby, because two persons should prepare for parenthood. There exist special practices of spiritual transformation, preparation for pregnancy and childbirth; there even exists a science of how to have a boy or a girl. Yoga makes this knowledge available. It would be right to start planning a pregnancy one year or at least half a year in advance. This preparation is necessary for both parents—the man and the woman, and especially for the man.

Causes of infertility

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Infertility may be caused by different factors, but in any case this is karma. If a woman’s ego is extremely strong, another soul cannot enter the mother’s womb until she gets out of her karmic patterns that strengthen the child’s ego and are capable of destroying the soul that is about to come into this world. Health problems are also a form of karmic punishment.

There is always a reason albeit not apparent.  One should look for it, meditate, pray or talk to those who know this reason.

People often ask why newborns have this or that problem. And I repeat: this is what they inherit from their past actions. This is the outcome of their wrongdoings. As a rule, people get what they deserve. Sometimes they don’t want to accept it, but anyway they will have to go through what they’ve left in the past. However, if an adult person is repentant, if they have truly realised and accepted what they’ve done, the punishment often becomes less intense or goes away because their karma has been worked off. God always gives this opportunity.

What should we do if we are unable to have children?

For a man and a woman, father and mother, their child is someone who brings joy into their life. If a couple has no children, they lack this source of joy.

People without kids should seek adoption of children from an orphanage. There are many cases where a couple adopted an orphan and then had children of their own. Children adopted from an orphanage are those souls that could not incarnate through the body of the adoptive mother for this or that reason. Another woman has given birth to them, but these souls have come to be with the adoptive mother, they are her children.

Sometimes, if a couple cannot have children, it means they have to accumulate enough love by praying and meditating.

Right attitude

In this world nothing is bad and nothing is good—everything is a sublime, truly and fair entity that exists. Yoga doesn’t distinguish between the good and the evil. We can speak about a non-dual state of Unity within which we come across dual expressions. For some people certain things are good, but for others they are bad.

What we really need is to rise above good and evil and attain another level of perception of Cosmic laws where everything is very clear, evident and absolutely fair.

But if you feel like sympathising with the suffering of those who don’t understand this fairness, you must be capable of self-compassion—compassion is an area to be thoroughly studied. People without children can feel compassion for each other and be each other’s spiritual director to the love and happiness given from on high. And maybe then they will have children or become self-sufficient.

Master Imram

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