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Wish fulfillment technique


10 March 2022

Having the power of concentration, energy and information allow a person to turn a desire into reality – sometimes even against rules of nature. It is actually explicable, but people perceive such superpowers as something extraordinary because they don’t know that it works according to natural law. This is a rule beyond ordinary perception – we call it a miracle.

How to implement any idea

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You can find many techniques for the realization of desires on the Internet, but they never work – because one hasn’t the power of concentration to implement them.

To make an idea come true, the correct way is to concentrate yourself on it – the power of concentration should be an expression of this idea, and vice versa, the basis for this idea is the power of concentration. One needs to start the vibration, release it and forget about it. Because when we keep a thought, we do not let it go, as our thoughts are energy. This is the simplest explanation.

A more sophisticated option: you sit down, enter a state of high concentration – dharana, focus your consciousness on an idea and create this idea in Space – this requires energy. Who among people can concentrate their power so well? Only a person who knows how to meditate well.


When wishes are fulfilled faster

When you are in the Spirit, everything you need in order to realize yourself creatively emerges.

Why do miracles happen in the presence of a Master or a saint? Because he is in a state of objective perception. His consciousness is pure, he possesses a large amount of energy, and this energy is very high. People come to Masters to fulfill their desires – I have observed this. They sit around the Master, start asking for things, and this energy starts to swirl. And if the desire is something positive, then it is fulfilled. If it is something negative, then it hurts them very much, or it is simply neutralized.

I often observed an outstanding state in the field of Sathya Sai Baba’s Avatar, when any and all desires completely vanish, because you are within the field of radiation of a powerful force of Spirit, where you feel self-sufficiency.

In the presence of a high-level Master desires disperse, because it feels like that everything is alright as it is.  And this is the state when everything is balanced, where a person co–exists with himself. He just feels well. This is a very powerful state, and in it you can create peace because when you are uninterested, when you haven’t any hang-ups and there is no “I want it and I want it now”, then you can realize your desires much faster.

When you pray for peace, it comes faster. When you wish the world health, then you yourself stay healthy.

When present in the a Master’s field, you can not engage yourself in the self-serving achievement of desires, but simply feel this field and this energy. This blissful state will allow you to do much more for yourself and for others rather than if you were chasing after techniques.

What is important to know when you ask for something

When you ask for something and strive to accomplish it, know that you are violating the karmic law to some extent. You must be sure that what you wish for will not be taken away from somewhere. The universe is boundless, you can draw energy from anywhere, but there are things like rhythmology, resonance and many other related laws. When you ask for something, you ask for it from the astral plane. When you ask for something, you ask for it from the astral plane.

A person who has built a vertical connection with the Higher Self does not lose himself, because this is the universe, and this person is capable of many things. He has the ability of transmitting this divine knowledge in the form of energy, information and crystallization of possibilities – we all have this quality.

Master Imram

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