Yoga is a science of Universal level

Science of kriya

12 December 2020

Different schools

Today yoga is a science of the higher, or Universal level. Yoga as a science, a holy science, is manifested in ourselves.

In India, true Masters don’t distinguish between different types of yoga such as Hatha yoga, Laya yoga, Raja yoga and others. Only western Masters do it. In India, truly realised Masters or nearly accomplished, saint, advanced practitioners don’t provide this distinction. Because when you practice, for example, Hatha yoga, you still work at the mental level, listen to your senses and keep your attention at a certain level of consciousness.

Some techniques you use are specific to Raja yoga, others, like those requiring breath holding, are specific to Svara yoga or Pranayama yoga. That’s why you cannot say that you practice only Hatha yoga. An advanced Hatha yoga instructor or teacher will help you master techniques that are not simply asanas.

What asana is

In Kriya yoga of the High Path, asana is a right state of mind, a right attitude. These are not techniques that look like a lotus pose of some kind. Asana is what we think about, our attitude to the world, to the space we find ourselves in and to ourselves. Only at the eighth, ninth or even twelfth level we can start to take our body posture into account.

That’s why there is a confusion. The following phrase can settle all your doubts: there is Kriya yoga that was taught by Babaji Nagaraj—an immortal himalayan saint, Kriya taught by Yogananda. Everything else is Raja yoga of which Kriya yoga is the highest stage. Over these years Kriya became very popular, and Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a yogi” played an important role in driving this popularity. That’s why many Masters are trying to attract disciples and students by stating that they teach Kriya techniques.

When you practice vrajana pranayama or any other type of pranayama, you can also call it Kriya if you do it consciously.  But from the perspective of Babaji’s Kriya, you can say that this is a conscious activity or Kriya only if you comprehend the processes beyond the physical plane. When you keep track of all the spiritual changes in your Soul, on the mental plane, at both bioenergetic and physical levels, it means you practice Kriya, because it functions on all planes at a time. If you practice Kriya only on one plane—this is not Babaji’s Kriya.

Meaning of the Eightfold Path of Yoga

Speaking about OM Healing, it emerged much earlier than what you call OM Healing now. OM has been chanted for thousands of years.  However, the great yogi Patanjali that showed the eightfold path of yoga was a Kriya siddha. He pointed to the following yoga limbs: yama, niyama, asana or vyayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi.

These are the eight levels of the science where a person moves from one level to another. It reminds us of a set of nesting dolls that contains eight figures. It’s obvious that a nesting doll is not one object. It’s a whole that contains at least seven objects inside of it. The same is true about yoga. But what have people done? They started to practice every level independently from other levels creating systems on their basis—this is where current misunderstandings come from.

If you know different teachers claiming to be Kriya Masters—let them be. What I am speaking of now is Kriya yoga of Babaji who transmitted this knowledge. You can read about it in “Autobiography of a yogi”. I translate it to the world in the form I received this knowledge from him. It’s a scientific method of self-realisation and self-realisation in God, in the higher aspect “I am presence”.

Master Imram

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