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1-DSC_6383 Bad habits — how to get rid of them?
24 January 2023
If you want to change your habits, to replace the old, unnecessary, unhelpful ones with new and useful ones, it is better to approach this consciously, scientifically.
146cfcb8-a5e6-432c-8787-c45cff9ccbab How music helps
25 November 2022
Sound is the foundation of life. Almost everything that people play, sing and listen to, are the different tones of one sound.
DlyaStatyi_1 What makes a child afraid?
25 October 2022
Children tend to be highly impressionable. Owing to this they have a lot to process, so at some point various fears start to emerge from their subconscious.
BreathPrinciples_квадрат The principle of breathing in Kriya
Science of Kriya
18 October 2022
When you breathe intensively, you are burning energy, you are working off karma, but you are reducing the amount of life this way, and you need something to compensate for that.
1-808 х 808 How to control prana
10 October 2022
You can experience the entire Universe through the knowledge of prana, of the atom. The atom is closer to us, it is the total of these energies, the concentration of this power.If you know yourself and your consciousness reaches the level of atomic perception, you will experience the whole Universe.
1 (3) Types of human consciousness
26 September 2022
Suffering does not end if you take actions towards destroying your nature, actions that lead to unfavourable results.

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Art_desires_title May one suppress desires?
To free yourself from desires, you need to gain experience of realising those desires. Where did the idea that you need to fight desires come from?
Art_angerovercoming_title How to cope with anger and other negative emotions
When you slip into a negative state—a coarse frequency radiation—whether caused by outer environment or your inner life dissatisfaction, just stand up and go away.
Art_deseases_title Why do we get sick
Illness is a sin. Sounds odd, doesn't it? Health problems arise when there are contradictions between body and soul, between mind and Soul. Illnesses arise when a person is driven by the ego, by the mind and completely forgets about his true nature.
Art_children_title Kriya yoga and children
People often ask me from what age you can to teach Kriya yoga to children. Kriya yoga should be taught to children from the moment of conceiving. Parents should prepare in advance to help their child embark on the spiritual path, and most importantly, they should practice themselves.
Art_Kriya_babji_title Babaji's Kriya
Since the beginning of the Universe, there has been the Eternal Unchanging Law of this Universe. It is called Sanatana Dharma in the Vedic concept.
Art_KarmaIs_1 What is karma?
Karma is a very “hackneyed” word, long understood by everyone. Knowing that karma exists is good, but knowing how to get rid of it is even better.
2-808 х 808 How to accept hardship
The most important thing to understand is that acceptance is a state of complete trust to the Creator, of complete trust in what happens in life. It means you understand that all daily happenings are for good.
Art_WhatIsMeditation_card What is meditation?
Meditation is given by various teachings and schools. I am going to talk about meditation in terms of Kriya Babaji. Meditation is a divine experience, the absence of thought.
Art_world_level_1 Yoga is a science of Universal level
Today yoga is a science of the higher, or Universal level. Yoga as a science, a holy science, is manifested in ourselves.
The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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