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The principle of Kriya breathing

Science of Kriya

18 October 2022

The principle of Kriya breathing

There are many practices offered now where active breathing is used. When you breathe intensively, you are burning energy, you are working off karma, but you are reducing the amount of life this way, and you need something to compensate for that.

If you breathe in forty breaths, it’s not that bad, because people breathe a lot more during a day, besides, you do other pranayamas that establish peace in your body. But I advocate another concept.

Kriya as a method

Бабаджи квадрат
Махаватар Бабаджи

The old schools didn’t have the techniques with the very long enforced pranayamas that are now offered. There were no breath-holds for several minutes, which can lead to lung damage. Это также большая нагрузка на сердце. They also put a lot of strain on the heart.

In that regard, I am against such techniques, although I used them myself for several years before Kriya Babaji. When I talk about Kriya, I am talking about the methodology of Babaji, an immortal Himalayan saint. Now there are many schools which call their techniques kriyas, but this is raja yoga, and these kriyas, as separate elements, exist in raja yoga and in hatha yoga. If you perform, for example, sudarshan kriya consciously, it will be your kriya. But when I talk about Kriya, I mean a separate technique as a holy science, as a super technique, as a psychophysical method linked directly to the lineage of Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya, and Yogananda gave it too. That’s a completely different concept there.

The principle of breathing in Kriya Babaji

Paramahansa Yogananda writes about this principle in his books. It’s about carbon release — when you consciously breathe in while concentrating on special zones and centres and consciously breathe out. One breath will take you a minute or half a minute. So the basic principle is two breaths in one minute. This balanced and conscious breathing significantly changes our brain. It helps release carbon and a lot of unwanted elements are also released. In this kind of breathing the heart begins to beat calmly — this happens over time, because in this kind of breathing the venous blood disappears, the arterial blood remains, and it is reinforced by a very powerful Spiritual energy.

By removing toxins and waste, while eating healthy and energising the body, one’s blood composition will change over time. Obviously, there is also a certain amount of inner work to be done.

When your breath is slow and balanced, you get calm. But inner work will significantly change your body. A strong magnetism arises, this energy is spun so that the blood changes, and when the blood changes, the body purifies itself.

For many years I had been doing this practice: for thirty-six seconds I inhaled, for seventy-two seconds I exhaled, and so I breathed for almost an hour. It’s a great strain on the body, on the heart, on the mind, on the personality in general, then I cut it out slowly. I have a different strain now, but the effect is tremendous.

Speaking of purpose, the purpose of doing all the kriyas is to enter into a state of meditation. You don’t have to perform complicated pranayamas to do this. But you can enter into a state of meditation by holding your eyes in the right position. And that’s it. It requires knowledge. I can give you this knowledge, but the result depends on how persistent you are with it. The thing is, when you hold your eyes in the right position and focus your attention on certain zones, your breath can immediately stop.

Master Imram

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