Diet and fasting


3 March 2022

There are many different types of nutrition. Choose your own individually. For example, if an astrologist or a nutritionist told you that orange-colored products are harmful to you, then you can omit them from your diet. But I don’t think this has any importance for the structure of such a voluminous body, which includes both the physical as well as the etheric, astral body.

Nutrition provides microelements, and it all is energy. All things are medicines and yet all things are poisons – for there is nothing without poisonous qualities. If you take poisons in small doses, they turn into medicine and vice versa – you can overdo it with vitamins.

Choosing a diet

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I know that many yogis eat sparsely, but nothing terrible happens to them, because practice and self-improvement helps them to maintain the purity of the body and the correct pH of their blood.

To stick to some kind of diet or not, for example, choosing a nutrition plan by blood type, is a personal decision. There are people who do not fit certain recommendations, so I advise you to adhere to the golden mean as much as possible. First of all, you need to seek for the root cause of changes in the body.

Any changes in the body that you call a disease are associated with a change in your attitude on a spiritual level. They are associated with contradictions that arise between the mind-personality and the Soul, which strives for Light and for development. Separation and lack of unity arise from such contradictions, resulting in body changes. It’s not just about the diet plan and how to apply it. First of all, spiritual practice is needed.



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One–day fasting is not a fasting in any sense. This is a hunger day, because the body continues to feed on its own cells. Fasting begins from the moment when the body switches to endogenous nutrition, that is, internal nutrition. It begins on the fourth day of fasting.

I advise the following: pick a suitable date and starting from that evening to the next evening do not eat and drink anything (you can drink, but it is better not to). The start should be very easy. In the evening, for instance, instead of dinner, eat a light salad without bread and then do not eat anything for the next 24 hours. Getting out from the fasting should also be very easy. You can drink some herbal tea. If you were having water fasting, and after a while you decide to eat something light – let it be a protein-free salad and without bread, and don’t eat anything else that day. The next day you may start eating as usual. You can fast in this way for more than a day – up to 36 hours.

Repeat such a fast three times a month. In other words, once a week. And on the fourth week, stay fasting for three days. It will be effective. Proteins and heavy food can be consumed only on the second day after finishing a three-day fasting.

If it is difficult for you to stay without food during a three day session, then fast at least once a week for 24 hours – this will be effective as well. But at the same time do not foul up the body during the week, because it will be more difficult to fast.  These are simple recommendations.

Master Imram

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