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How can each person make this world brighter? Master gave the answer to this question in an article on the website “Can the Earth be a planet of happiness?“.

“To make the world brighter, you need to start seeing the Light. If a person does not like this world, it means that he has plunged into this “do not like”, it exists in it.

Change yourself from inside and the world will change as a result of it.

One needs to learn to go beyond the realm of judgment, because from the moment when the assessment “good, not good” begins, from that moment both, the concept of good and bed appears, something is liked and something is disliked.”

Master Imram

To learn more, please read the article “Can the Earth be a planet of happiness?”, there you will also learn why we came to Earth and what is Ascension.

Friends, in the “Articles” section on the website you will find answers to questions about self-development, the science of Kriya, health, creativity, family and parenting.

To read the article “Can the Earth be a planet of happiness?” and other articles by Master, follow the LINK

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