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Kriya yoga is the ultimate method  of comprehending the Law of the Universe,
where the true answer comes from the depths of the Higher Self

Ten minutes of Kriya practice is equivalent to twenty years of natural human evolution.
Ten minutes of Kriya practice is equivalent
to twenty years of natural human evolution.

The Imram Kriya seminar is

  • During the seminar, you will learn both basic and advanced Kriya techniques, meditation practices, and principles of energizing and magnetizing your body. 
  • Master Imram will personally guide you through the 6 stages of Kriya, sharing his profound knowledge and experiences.
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  • An initiation into Kriya by direct transfer from Master to disciple. During the seminar, you receive not only information and techniques, but also high knowledge as a power and Master’s personal experience. Profound and subtle work goes on at all the levels. Internal changes evolve before your eyes.

In addition to a detailed study of theory, the seminar pays special attention to PRACTICE — the correct performance of the Kriyas. The Master answers participants’ questions about the practice helping them to build a comprehensive understanding of the Kriya method.

The 2-day seminar equips you with a system of techniques – the 6 stages of Kriya – for independent practice. This will take you to a NEW LEVEL of spiritual and physical development.

Kriya is the shortest way to longevity, high awareness and a happy life. The Kriya method evolves the brain and the power of concentration, awakens neural connections, our intuition, our own potential, shows us the knowledge and creativity that we already have within.

Kriya is a technique of rapid progress. For those in a hurry, there is nothing faster than this system, because all aspects of our being are engaged at once. It provides not an incremental and gradual, but all-encompassing perception. But either way, it requires effort.
Master Imram

The knowledge and practices that Master passes on at the seminar are available at any age, physical fitness and health condition. There are no complicated poses in Kriya yoga, you can meditate even sitting on a chair.

The seminar is the first step for your regular practice to begin. After the seminars, practitioners come to retreats where they consolidate the knowledge gained during the 2-day training, deepen practice with Master and ask questions if necessary.

Seminar programme

On the first day of the seminar we focus on the basic techniques and principles of energising and magnetising the body, as well as meditation on the breath, meditation on Sound and meditation on Light. You will explore in detail the energising techniques of 42 Kriyas and sitting energisation to awaken the brain and develop concentration.

The second day is a transmission of advanced Kriya techniques and an important sacred knowledge – THE THEORY OF DIVINE CAVE, which allows you to transform your world perception completely. Such knowledge is imparted by direct transmission — from Master to disciple — and triggers the rapid transformation that is necessary to proceed on the spiritual path.


Theoretical aspect of Kriya
A detailed explanation of the theory and philosophy of the Science of Kriya
Body energising practice
Learning 42 energising exercises and sitting energising
Basic Kriya techniques
Studying and practical mastering of the Kriya yoga basic techniques
Kriya advanced techniques
Studying of the advanced Kriya techniques – the 14 Kriya breaths, Maha mudra, Guru-pranam, Jyoti mudra and Paravastha
Practice with Master
Practising basic and advanced techniques together with Master and detailed clarification of all the techniques
Answering questions
Master answers questions related to the techniques performance. This helps you to build a holistic understanding of the Science of Kriya
Stay focused, be conscious, only look for the good in your life, think only of the good, choosing the practice of faith as the Path of Growth. Practice — is a guide to attaining Unity with the High and gaining personal experience. Do not replace it, practice with full trust and devotion.
Master Imram

Date and terms of participation

November 25-26, 2023 From 13:00 to 19:00
Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof, Berlin, Budapester Str. 25
900 euros
If you are interested in participation and would like to get more information, please contact us by button below
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Who is the Kriya seminar meant for?

  • You are engaged in various types of yoga and spiritual practices, and strive to gain an effective method of accelerated evolution.
  • You are searching for your path and are ready to make rapid changes, to step up to a new level of awareness.
  • You seek to find harmony, joy, happiness, peace of mind.
  • You are in search of ways to improve your health, overcome inner problems, complexes, insecurities, mental blocks.
  • You are eager to know and understand yourself better, take control of your mind, thoughts and inner state, find peace and quiet within.
  • You want to learn the real meditation, to reach the high goal of life and are willing to make the necessary efforts to achieve it.

A Kriya seminar can help you progress more rapidly in your growth, whatever practice you are doing. It will help you transform your thinking, go beyond your usual perception of yourself, become healthier and have more energy.

The Kriya method of Master Imram

  • In two days of the seminar, 6 of the 7 steps of Kriya are given in the form of a structured proven system. You will learn sitting energization, 42 Kriyas, breathing meditation, Sound meditation, Light meditation and advanced Kriya techniques.
  • Master Imram transmits all the techniques with a detailed explanation in the context of physiology, psychology and spirituality.
  • In addition to a detailed study of the theory, the seminar pays special attention to practice — the correct performance of the Kriyas and answering questions from the participants.
  • Kriya knowledge is transferred in its original, undistorted form, by the method of direct transmission.
  • A compelling explanation of the essence, principles and techniques of Kriya, as a link between the scientific, metaphysical and spiritual.
  • Convenient and clear material presentation. The method is suitable for people of all skill levels.

Upon completion of the seminar, you will gain access to the Imram Kriya educational platform, where you can find audio and video materials to support your self-practice journey.

Kriya is open to everyone


Anyone who knows nothing about Kriya, but truly wants to practice, to do something for their life, themselves and others, is welcome to start the practice.

Physical fitness is not important. Kriya transforms the body and makes one more fit. The Kriya technique is not like hatha yoga, there are no complicated postures and sitting in lotus pose is not necessary. The important thing is to keep your spine straight — you can even sit on a chair, that is enough to get you started. All realisation takes place within the spine, in the brain and spinal cord.

Our consciousness, attitude towards ourselves, our body and health changes with the practices and the energy we receive. Many seminar participants note that they have revised their approach to nutrition. The large influx of energy into the body enables us to start eating less and choosing healthier, better quality foods. Many people lose their cravings for meat, sweets and coffee. Seminar participants break bad habits, including smoking and alcohol, easily and quickly.

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Come to the Kriya seminar and start changing yourself and your life!

Master Imram

  • The Kriya Master who has achieved Unity
  • Initiates Kriya transcendence
  • Being in the world – he is not of this world…

As a result of many years of spiritual and bodily practices, with the help of the Gurus, Imram achieved self-realisation, thath is, Unity with the Higher Self, knowing the Truth within himself, which is regarded as Nirvikalpa Samadhi in yoga.

Imram is a unique person who combines the qualities of a yogi Master, a musician and a composer.

For over 20 years he has been passing on the knowledge of Kriya yoga, traveling around the world and bringing people from different countries together. He shares his personal experience and unique self-development techniques at seminars, retreats and lectures, to which participants of all ages and families with children come.

He inspires with his experience and wise instructions in live meetings and online webinars, helping thousands of people to understand the purpose of life, to find joy and harmony.

Master Imram has thousands of disciples all over the world.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to come to the seminar without training?

You can come to the seminar with any level of training. The seminar is about learning the techniques and mastering the principles of Kriya. It is the best place to start the practice. Master transmits 6 stages of Kriya and important principles of practice at the seminar. You will gain a system of techniques to practice at home.

Anyone who knows nothing about Kriya, but truly wants to practice, to do something for their life, themselves and others, is welcome to start the practice. Your training is not important. The Science of Kriya transforms the body and makes you more fit.

Is Kriya suitable for elderly people?

You can start developing at any age. No specific training is necessary to start practicing. There is no serious physical exertion and complicated body positions, as in Hatha yoga. In Kriya there is no such thing, you can sit even on a chair. Master says: “It doesn’t matter at what age, it’s important that you hear about it. So do not doubt. Simply start working on yourself.

Will I be able to complete the seminar if my back and joints hurt?

Kriya practices do not require you to sit in lotus or anyhow cross-legged. The important thing is to keep your spine straight. If it is difficult for you to sit on the floor for a long period of time, you can sit on a chair or a cushion. You can sit against the wall with a straight back. There is no strain on the joints in Kriya practices.

How can I prepare for the seminar?

1. At the seminar, we will energize our bodies. It is important to increase the conductivity of cells and energy channels. If you eat heavy foods, try switching to a lighter diet a week before the Seminar and drink more purified water.

2. When we understand, what we are doing and for what purpose, practice becomes more conscious and the mind calms down.

To familiarize yourself with the practice, you can watch the “Imram Kriya seminar” video on the Imram Kriya yoga YouTube channel, where Master explains how initiation into the 6 steps of Kriya is carried out.

You can also start exploring Kriya from books. The list of books recommended by Master is HERE and also mentioned in the article “What to read for self-development

3. You can learn the basic principles of Kriya on the website under the section “Science of Kriya”. We also recommend articles about the Science of Kriya.

What to wear and take with you to the seminar?
  • Dress comfortably in light-colored, natural fabrics.
  • During the practice, it is recommended to sit on a surface made of natural materials, preferably wool. You can use a woolen mat, a plaid, a scarf or just a woolen cloth (preferably 100% wool). If you find it difficult to sit on the floor, take a small cushion with you — something you can sit on comfortably for a long period of time. You do not need to bring rubber yoga mats, as they will be available in the hall.
  • You can bring drinking water in a small bottle. There will be a water cooler available in the hall.
  • A change of shoes to walk from the changing room to the hall. The shoes should be left outside the hall entrance.
  • We will also be handing out notepads and pens at the entrance for you to take notes. You may bring your own notebook if you wish.


What is the difference between a retreat and a seminar?

The seminar is two days of learning the Kriya principles and techniques. There you will get the 6 stages of Kriya from Master, a coherent system of techniques for your regular practice. The seminar is an initiation into Kriya by direct transmission of knowledge from the teacher to the disciple.

A retreat is a continuation of training, deepening into practice and consolidation of the techniques learned at the seminar. This is a 2-day intensive practice with Master, where you can get his support and ask your questions at satsangs – daily evening sessions.

Before the retreat, you need to attend a training seminar.

Can pregnant women participate?

There are no contraindications for pregnant women because there is no heavy physical activity in the practice, including in the abdominal area. In addition, you will be able to ask questions about possible limitations and get advice from Master at the retreat.

What is Kriya yoga?

Kriya yoga is a tool that allows a person to accelerate their evolution. Kriya is the ultimate method of comprehending the Law of the Universe, where the true answer comes from the depths of the inner Self. The eternal and invariable Law of the Universe is expressed as Truth, Righteousness, Unconditional Love, Peace and Calm, and Non-violence. The Science of Kriya is this Universal Law in action. Through this practice, intuition is effortlessly awakened, and you can gaze into the face of your Higher Self. Kriya yoga teaches us how, by controlling the breath, to calm the mind and achieve higher states of consciousness. Kriya yoga teaches us how, by controlling the breath, to calm the mind and achieve higher states of consciousness.

Kriya yoga is the ultimate method of comprehending the Law of the Universe, where the true answer comes from the depths of the Higher Self.

Ten minutes of Kriya practice is equivalent to twenty years of natural human evolution. Fifty minutes of scientific Kriya practice is equivalent to one hundred years of spiritual evolution…

“Most people think that a yogi is a person who has developed his body’s abilities to an amazing degree: he can lie on nails, walk on fire or sit in the lotus position. But the main thing in yoga is the spiritual aspect. The Principle of Unity!

Therefore, it is important to first correct people’s misconception of yoga.

Yoga is the direct path to the HIgher. I declare this with full awareness and understanding of responsibility. Yoga is a reunion with the Supreme! It is the shortest and most direct way to self-realisation. Yoga is not a religion. It is a science in which the Highest Knowledge, from which various systems and directions have emerged, is revealed.”

Master Imram

What is meditation?

Meditation is a state beyond the mind, the personality, the ego. It is a state that allows us to get to know and befriend ourselves, to step into higher spheres of self-awareness. No thoughts exist within meditation.

It is the mind’s ability to focus on a High idea.

Meditation is a state when you are very close to the Creator, the Supreme. But there is a distance between you and the Higher Self to which you aspire. An analogy with a fire can serve as an example. Meditation is when you are sitting around a fire, but you cannot get close to it, because you are not yet ready. You enjoy the warmth and love of this divine radiance, you feel warm, happy and comfortable, you are close to it and have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Enjoying and rejoicing in it is meditation. Moreover, the Creator’s radiance constantly gives you what you so desperately need. In the case of the fire, it is warmth, in the case of divinity, it is unconditional love, strength, wisdom, peace, and everything that comes with it.

This is perfection, this is magic… And it changes you.
Article “What is meditation?”


What is initiation

Initiation is a method of direct transfer of knowledge from the Master to the disciples, the transfer of knowledge from heart to heart. This way of transfering knowledge is very important for inner work — for deep transformation, which is what disciples come for.

Initiation into Kriya is only given at a seminar conducted by Master.

An important prerequisite for initiation is live contact between Master and disciple. During the two days of the seminar, Master imparts to each participant not only information and Kriya techniques, but also knowledge as power, spiritual energy and personal experience.

Therefore, seminar participants feel great changes in their thinking, consciousness, body, and sensations. Through deep work, a noticeable transformation occurs already during the seminar. You will have your own experience of emotions, feeling of fulfilment, a feeling that stays deep and continues to work from inside.

Spiritual power and spiritual knowledge are transferred at the seminar and the retreat. The Seminar is the first basic initiation. This initiation is like embracing a spiritual power, embracing love and the powerful creative potential of Inspiration.

The cornerstone of the Kriya teaching is the direct transfer of true knowledge and experience, through the transcendental transfer of Consciousness from the Master to everyone who comes to him. The person then continues to develop, while the Master helps.

“When you practice Kriya yoga, as you receive the transformation, you understand these processes and agree with them, you have a sense of joy that something is happening. Moreover, often people who have attended the seminar get rid of heavy karma. Through knowledge, through inner work, they come to light.”

Master Imram

Article “What is Initiation?”



Raquel Brigo
8 months ago

Hi i just want to thank all of you again … the seminar was amazingly unique, I am still feeling the vibration it did something to me I don’t know how to explain… thank you with all my heart to the Master and his wife , I feel whole complete. I can’t describe in words how I feel.

Ausra Prendi
8 months ago

I am so grateful for my first time life experience with meditation and Kriya ❤️ May God bless you all 🙏

Vlada Milanovic
8 months ago

Hello everyone, I would like to thank all the volunteers who gave their efforts to help yesterday..thank you all you did a great job 👏❤️ Thank you Vlada🙏❤️

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