What is meditation?

Science of kriya

12 December 2020

Concentration and contemplation

Meditation is given by various teachings and schools. I am going to talk about meditation in terms of Kriya Babaji. Meditation is a divine experience, the absence of thought. If your thoughts are still there, you are not meditating yet. Thoughts lead a person to the world of duality. Meditation is a state in which our whole being experiences the presence of the Creator beyond our mind and personality, beyond our ego.

If you see images, you are most probably contemplating or maybe concentrating on the high idea of Unity. In the long run, it will help you enter a state in which you dissolve in the Creator. Meditation is a deep experience of this dharana (concentration). It is not a specific shape that is behind this experience, but a state you attain beyond the mind where no one gives evaluations.

Meditation is the absence of thoughts

Meditation is the absence of thoughts. This is a state when you are one with the Creator but still feel a tiny, nearly invisible distance between God and you, between your Higher Self and the essence. Meditation is communication with the Creator when He talks to us while we are silent. There is no mind and no thoughts there. This is how the Creator talks to us. It’s impossible to describe this experience because there is no one there who would describe it.

Kriya practice

Kriya practice helps shorten this distance. We enter this state step by step sinking into the depth of our being where there is one without the other. And at a very short distance, where no common human perception exists, we keep silent. At this level there are no thoughts but the Creator communicates with us—at His level. What one feels beyond the mind and body is beyond words. That’s why it’s impossible to describe meditation. It wouldn’t be a true description but a judgement.

Correct body posture

Meditation is a state of Unity with the Creator and nearness to Him whatever your posture. But at the initial stage it is important to develop the right attitude. So we’re sitting upright, and our back is straight. Our body is a temple and the spine is the altar.

The miraculous changes related to the Creator’s presence happen inside the spine. In meditation the body posture should express inner peace and Unity. This is the right posture that lets energy flow through the channels as it should. Hence your attitude to the world changes, you become more aware and get more energy and inner peace.

Kriya meditation

To enter a true meditative state one should reduce the distance between the mind and the body. For this, we must have intense feelings. Thoughts and images could lead us astray. It is very difficult for a human to remain focused on one idea, this is why we choose another way around. A scientific method implies a shift of attention to feelings and a focus on the spine. To achieve this, Kriya offers special techniques.

The best way to enter a meditative state is through sensations and not visualisation. If sublime images appear by themselves, we ignore them. Teachers, Masters and God Himself can appear in this or that shape. But they are at a certain distance from us. Our goal is to achieve Unity. That’s why our whole being—from head to toes—should feel the presence of God within us, within our essence. All our actions are performed at the altar—within the spine. Thus, all energies flow into the spine opening up the opportunity to enter a deep state of inner peace and Unity. This is the path.

Close the distance between the intellect and the body, the mind and the spine. Draw your entire essence inwards, stay within and wait…

Master Imram

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