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How to cope with anger and other negative emotions


8 April 2021

When you slip into a negative state—a coarse frequency radiation—whether caused by outer environment or your inner life dissatisfaction, just stand up and go away. In such situations some people feel an urge to go out and walk down the street. This is a good idea as it helps divert your mind. It’s for those who are not aware of the great power they have.

Anger arousal is just a moment when one buys into a problem and lets anger steal up on them. In fact, we have enormous powers to overcome it.

How to deal with negative emotions

The first thing to do is to lift up your mouth corners to make a smile. You can do it literally with your fingers. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, your lips are pressed together and you hate everyone at that moment. Just spread your lips into a smile because facial muscles are closely connected to brain activity.

When you lift up your mouth corners, your brain and consciousness decide that everything is all right. Then stand up and leave the place where the anger arose. Why stand up and go? Because it’s highly likely that in this place there are elementals that transmit negative thoughts to you. So you just stand up and go. You shift your presence in space. At this moment they start to panic as they have just attuned themselves to you, focused on you, and all of a sudden you leave them on their own.

Go to the kitchen and have a glass of water. Water is a good means to reduce anger. It’s a good idea to read a great mantra over this glass of water or just say that this is a tranquillity elixir and then drink it. It will be even better if after that you go out and look at the sun. You can also look at the mirror and have a good laugh. Whatever you see there is you. These are very simple methods.

Today we have a huge number of different ways to cope with it: people recite mantras, put on music, some squat, others do push-ups or simply scream to let go of the negative emotions. You can choose any method to your taste, but never remain in this state as it can drag you into a swamp of ignorance.

How anger arises

At the moment of anger, even those who have a huge potential, shift their attention because they are attached to certain things. One can even be attached to this state. Typically anger arises because we are attached to the results that haven’t happened. It’s an unpleasant sensation. The mind immediately starts to translate negativity, and it increases like a snow ball. To avoid this, one should act as I have mentioned above.

If you lack energy and the only thing you want is to fall down, have a glass of water and lie down flat, in shavasana. Stay in this position for some time. You can even sleep. It will recharge your spiritual batteries, and when you get up, you will think about the situation in a different way.

Things might look better in the morning, as we know. In the evening infernal powers are more active. In the evening we are less aware and less alert because we are tired. The medulla oblongata that is responsible for a variety of processes, including our awareness, gets tired, and the awareness is lost. This is why people have always settled serious matters while the sun shone. Because during the day we are more aware.

At night we rest, have enough sleep and recharge, the Soul enters the Spirit and gets energy. In the morning the Soul comes back to the body it is attached to. Soul attachments do exist and depend on the level of consciousness. After the Soul has stayed in the Spirit and recharged, it’s easier for you to make serious decisions. People get angry because they have strong attachments and lack spiritual power.

An elephant is not afraid of an ant, it is calm. Why? Because an elephant is a big and strong creature, plus it is a vegetarian.

Master Imram

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