How to enter creative flow of life


4 February 2022

Many of us seek to “be in the flow.” But what does “being in the flow” mean, and how can we achieve this state? It is actually rather easy. To do it, one has to switch over the hemispheres of the brain – make the right one more active and the left one less active.


Kriya Yoga offers simple and highly effective science-based techniques to achieve it; these techniques are indeed scientific, since they are based on our psychophysiology. When a human being changes their frequency characteristics, they open up to this world, and everything happens naturally.

How to awaken your creativity

If someone has told you that you are not a creative person, please know that they twisted the truth a little bit.  Every child is born absolutely divine. Remember how in the Gospels Master Jesus said “in the image and likeness are created”.

Human beings are created, therefore absolute creation is present in us.  In Sanskrit, the Russian “co” corresponds to “to”. This sublime Creation is part of us.

However, to be fully creative, we have to elevate our consciousness to a very high level.

There are many famous people who do creative work while their consciousness remains in one of the first three primary chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, or Manipura.  They may create beautiful music, but not such elevated music as, for instance, that of Bach. Bach drew upon the sound of the highly spiritual mental planes. It was Spirit incarnate.

Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, as well as some renowned contemporary musicians, “read information”, whether spontaneously or consciously. A sound is a shape, a vibration, a metaphysical concept. Why do we love sound? We do so because it connects us to the Higher Soul.

Music creates a connection between the human soul and the Soul of the Universe. It is a kind of a bridge. When a person loves music, it awakens in them feelings, empathy, and elements of love.

There is music that purifies the mind.  Just think of the Indian rāgas. They include a whole musical movement that is aimed at purifying the consciousness, awakening the heart, improving health, etc. Chinese pentatonic scales are another example, considered to have strong healing properties. Sound affects our neurons.

A person’s awareness deepens when he or she listens to such music, both spiritual and classical.

Every person is a creative person

I am absolutely convinced and believe that every human being is a manifestation of the Creator. Let us see what creativity is. This is my personal interpretation and also my belief: when we say creativity, we mean that the Creator is the co-creating person. The Russian language, which is very deep, is, at the end of the day, music; it is Sanskrit.

The Creator in a person, or a person in the Creator, because to me the Creator and man are one and the same. Kriya practice contemplates the Creator as he is revealed in human beings. We have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. It means that sound, light, and colour all pass through us and we release them; we change the quality of taste. We experience this world though the perception of our surroundings by sensation, by touch, definitely coming from that viewpoint, “Creator and I are one.” We, through our five senses, must convey the divine music of the Spirit.

Therefore, our five senses are not needed to help us experience the world, but rather to communicate the Divine within us.

However, to understand that we are, indeed, so Divine and become perfectly creative, we must elevate our consciousness. Kriya Yoga is our path to it.

Master Imram

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