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How to overcome fear


18 March 2021

The instinct for self-preservation is embedded in every living being. An uncontrolled mind complicates these processes a thousand times more. When a person lacks a connection with the High, when their Spiritual essence is not visible to the individual, a sense of fear and worry about their life arises.

What one really needs is to learn to be connected to the Supreme, to build a vertical connection. As a rule, people seek protection in social life, they try to make their lives more perfect, they close themselves off, etc. When this happens, the situation is exacerbated by the fact that, without building a vertical connection, one does not receive Spiritual invigorating power. And so, little by little, fear takes hold of them, penetrates their blood, their cells, their minds — and the life becomes unbearable. Then depression and suicidal tendencies arise. There are, of course, other programmes, but they all come from a past life.

How to get rid of fear

 The only cure is prayer and meditation, it is energising the body, making it possible to attract more energy. When one has a lot of Spiritual creative power, a lot of energy, they don’t have these thoughts and the depressions just disappear, they vanish. Various programmes may come out of the subconscious, but they come out to dissipate, to be transformed. So Spiritual practice, occupational therapy, work, physical work save people from many illnesses. Conditions such as fear of life, fear of the future, struggles with the past that the mind draws to the fore and places in front of you, failures of the past, struggles with that past – all of these are purified by Spiritual practice.

When a person practices, they gain strength, when a person has a lot of strength they don’t get depressed, they are aware enough. When the brain reacts properly, adequately, it does not have a problem like schizophrenia, because all mental illnesses arise from an uncontrolled mind that wastes the life force and leaves the brain without energy so that one can no longer react adequately.

On the contrary, when we practice, when we engage in Spiritual practice, we awaken neural connections, building a vertical connection with the High, improving the quality of life. Even if one has to undergo some karmic changes, he or she accepts them in a true, heroic way.

Why do fears increase when one starts practising intensively

When you practice meditation, meaning the purification of your subconscious mind which contains so many things, all the turbidity is brought to the surface. When you’re sweeping, gathering rubbish in a pile, you notice how much dust floats around. This dust has to settle, then it has to be removed as well. This is called the Spiritual Purification.

Things will naturally rise to the surface during the process. In the practice of Kriya, when you raise your consciousness to Heaven, along with this you raise all the turbidity to work through, to separate the wheat from the chaff within yourself. At the initial stage, of course, one needs patience, prayer and meditation before one gets fully into very deep meditation, where you communicate with the Creator within yourself, with your ‘Higher Self’ directly, where what is called grace is constantly happening.

At the initial stage, you need to learn how to focus your gaze through the address. When you enter a state of silence and stillness, the Creator himself is present in you as balance, as a powerful flow of life.

During meditation a person receives tremendous power, their body is transformed, it is renewed every time. That is why you need to pray, meditate, engage in some physical activity, that can be some kind of sport, but if people practice yoga, they certainly have something to do. Any activity that helps a person feel their body in action is also good, but if it’s done mechanically then it doesn’t develop, it drains you of energy, you just get tired, like athletes after several years of intense struggle for the podium.

Master Imram

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