How to start meditating if you don’t have time


28 January 2022

It’s so easy to be constantly busy. However, few can really do nothing: not to think, not to move, and just to sit there still in an attempt to realise who they really are.

You will always be busy until you learn to control your mind, because your mind tends to substitute certain things and switch your attention to new ideas again and again. A busy person is a person who in fact loses themselves.

Why it is difficult to meditate

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The mind is in constant search for new forms of expression—this is its nature. That’s why even when you sit for meditation, you are tricked by your mind again and again. You sit down, focus your attention on one thing, and several seconds later you are already thinking about your problems.

Your five senses stimulate mental activity and vice versa.

The scientific approach of Kriya Babaji allows to create conditions in which you consciously draw the energy away from the five senses into the spine. And through the spine, through scientific concentration, you can go into deep meditation – it’s an easy way.

Concentration as the basis for meditation and samadhi

My first advice always is to feel your body from head to toes, focus your attention on the forehead, back of the head and spine, and learn to raise this concentration to a very high level.

You don’t need much time to master it: you can do it again and again at any time wherever you are while being fully aware. Where is your attention right now? It must be either directed to one area or focused in space on a certain image that I am speaking about or on something else.

In this case the energy will stay within you, it won’t dissipate, you will be able to do a million of things, and your awareness will improve, too. When awareness is higher, you have the ability to take better actions. When you act consciously, you don’t create a heavy or negative karma.

And when you need to enter a meditative state, you consciously switch off your five scenes and enter the state beyond the mind. When you go beyond the mind, you enter a Spiritual state.

Create a certain distance between what you are and what your mind and body are, and you won’t be far from meditation.

possible to remain self-aware—I am not this body, I am not this mind—and focus your attention on three areas—forehead, back of the head, and spine. Do whatever you think you need to do through this concentration. But never assume that you are the doer, because everything just happens by itself.

This is enough to remain in a state of awareness in the beginning of your spiritual journey. Then it has to be intensified. When it comes to yoga, you have to do advanced Kriya techniques that enhance these processes.

Master Imram

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