How to stop thoughts


18 April 2022

There are various methods that can help us stop the flow of thoughts. But I can say that it is not possible to stop the flow of thoughts, because thoughts are energy that exists in space by itself and carries information. If we think that we can stop the flow of thoughts, we should stop every flow of information that exists in space, every vibrating atom—everything. Can you do it? Of course not. Even when you think “I am not thinking now, there is absolutely nothing but emptiness”, you are creating a thought.

A human being can never get rid of mind altogether. Doing so would make us silly. We should educate our mind and make it our friend. It’s a huge power that must be put to proper use.

How to handle thoughts

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A person who wants to remain in the body, who does not want to lose touch with this life and this world, gets rid of thoughts by simply relaxing their brain. It requires one to get enough sleep, sit down, turn on pleasant music, enter a state of peace and contemplation by relaxing their mind and shifting their attention.

If we speak about a serious transformation through yoga, about hearing the voice of Brahman inside of our mind, about realising our Higher Selves, we’ll have to build up the power of concentration.

Your inner attention, your power of concentration can do something else: it can transfer you to a state in which you can realise the one-pointedness of mind – that’s what will matter most. You should develop the power of concentration.

You can stop a thought by terminating any further development of this thought. You don’t create any conditions to follow your thoughts. Thoughts come and go—but you stay. You turn your full attention to the one who watches, not to something you see.

Thoughts disappear when the mind disappears.

The mind is the output of interaction of our five basic senses. Shutting one of the senses off will significantly weaken your mind, and shutting all the five senses off will make your mind disappear.

How to transcend the mind

To go beyond the mind, one should achieve pratyahara. When practising Kriya Yoga, we turn off the five senses, the power of concentration goes to the Vessel of Transcendental Power, consciousness enters the spine, the power of concentration increases, and breathing stops. When breathing stops, all life processes slow down and stop, too. The energy leaves your five basic senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste, and enters the spine. You immerse your mind in the spine and attain Samadhi. This is the opportunity to go beyond the mind, personality, ego.

It is no longer about getting rid of thoughts.

We have a vessel of transcendental power—the brain, medulla oblongata and spinal cord. When your mind is immersed in the vessel of transcendental power, it creates a powerful magnetism. This magnetism shuts off your five senses due to the conscious withdrawal of energy—this is exactly the way to enter a meditative state and Samadhi. But one must train for a while in order to achieve this.

Master Imram

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