How to think positively


15 February 2022

Some people are born with a positive outlook on life, others have to master this ability throughout their lifetime. If you have enough spiritual power, you will always be positively charged. But if your spiritual power is low, if you don’t have enough energy, you will always be in an irritable mental state. There is a significant drain on a person’s energy when they feel irritated or angry.

Do good to serve the world

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People are taught that this is a cruel world and we must learn to survive. This concept is advocated by those who don’t understand what the world is. To live and to survive are two different things. To survive means to continuously expend our life force. But one can use the life force in order to do good. In doing good, people create positive vibrations, and the space will gradually change for the better.

Even if things don’t go as expected, they continue performing good deeds—they must understand that the past must be worked out. Their spiritual practice gives them enough strength to accept difficulties if they have to face them because their major goal is to serve the world. Such people are always positive, and those who live under the principle of ‘it’s mine’ are often charged with negative energy, because someone else wants to take what is ‘theirs’ and they try to keep hold of it.


How to change yourself

In order to achieve peace of mind and a state of joy, one must purify one’s mind, energy and spiritual channels. One must purify one’s body, removing toxins that poison the brain.

As a minimum, you can start with proper nutrition, proper thinking, and proper breathing. This is very important. In Kriya, we see asana as the correct positioning of the mind, the right attitude to oneself. A person armed with this knowledge starts to feel their spiritual power awakening.

In Kriya, the right body posture and concentration during meditation awaken five Vedic values within ourselves: they are truth, righteousness, unconditional love, peace, calm, and non-violence. The holy scriptures tell us about these values, and it’s all positive. We all have a lot of joy inside of us. We don’t make use of it, because our mind is constantly clouding, tarnishing, and comparing everything. In connecting to the presence of the Highest inside of you, you accumulate goodness.

Positivity is a state in which you strive to help the world. This the greatest opportunity and not one to be taken for granted, given how blinkered the mind can be. However, gradually all of us attain this state of unconditional joy.


Master Imram

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