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23 February 2022

A regular person uses his tongue for quite limited amount of purposes: speaking, food distribution and for taste perception. But using the tongue in the correct way can force the brain to shift into higher gears. It is a well known fact that the brain of most people normally is used only for a small percentage.

If you want your brain to work harder, so that you waken to the Light, so that you come to the goal faster on the path of your evolution, then you need to use Khechari mudra.

Khechari mudra is a fairly well known, but very closed practice. It is the least covered by authors, because its methodology requires implementation in practice. First, we need to understand what it is.

The technique of performing Khechari mudra

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Khechari mudra is a special position of the tongue in the nasopharynx. To truly understand this technique, it is necessary to observe what it gives step by step during practice. The technique of performing Khechari itself requires attention.

Minor, or basic Khechari, is when you reach the uvula with the tip of your tongue. But ideally, it is necessary for the tongue to enter the nasopharynx – this is important.

There is an opinion that for this you need to cut the tongue frenulum, which restricts the tongue position. Some say that cutting the frenulum is undesirable because this idea is a selfish thought. There are different opinions on this subject as well. It is believed that a tongue which has a short frenulum – this is the limitation of a person’s karma.

You can free your tongue by cutting it, but you need to do it very carefully, so I do not advise it.  If you feel that your frenulum is short, then just know that it can be stretched out. There are different techniques for stretching the tongue, for example in simcha-mudra you stick your tongue out as much as possible. Thus you start producing a special secretion, you open the throat channel and nourish it. This secretion kills the bacteria, and cleans off some affluxes in your nasopharynx.

There are other available methods to release the tongue tension. Such preparation takes time: it is important to do it gradually, so as not to injure yourself.


Khechari mudra awakens superpowers

Khechari mudra gives various so-called phenomena, or extraordinary qualities. The simplest phenomenon: thanks to the correct practice of the Khechari mudra, you can stay without food for a very long time.

You may also stay breathless thanks to it. In Kriya, we consider breathlessness as the principle of deathlessness. Avatar Goraknath at one time left knowledge about Hatha yoga, and in this knowledge much attention was also paid to the technique of “Khechari mudra”.

Khechari mudra is a way to awaken your brain. There are positions of the tongue where you place your tongue to a particular spot under the pituitary gland, and thus trigger a mechanism that awakens the brain. The whole system begins to work: the pineal gland, the epiphysis, and so on.

The most basic results of the practice of Khechari-mudra are: prolongation of life, rejuvenation and release from diseases.

If we talk about spiritual components, Khechari mudra is one of the ways to enter the state of Unity. By practicing Khechari, you create conditions for raising a powerful flow of energy that passes through the chakras – there is a special Kriya for this.


There are other alternative techniques for this in yoga, but Khechari mudra is a basic and very important method that allows you to quickly rise above what is bodily consciousness and enter the state of Cosmic Consciousness. Blessed is the one who performs the Khechari mudra at the initial stage of his spiritual development.

There are additional recommendations related to practice of this mudra – we can talk about this technique forever…

All the internal work is serious and very subtle. It is explained directly to the learner and corrected in his spiritual practice.

Master Imram

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