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Science of Kriya

9 March 2023

To my understanding, pranayama is the queen of yoga, because pranayama deals not only with breathing. Pranayama encompasses a great variety of processes. It’s a spiritual act.

The word “pranayama” is often used to denote breathing exercises and is considered to be made up of “prana” meaning energy and “yama” meaning control, or retention.

But let’s examine this word a bit differently. In sanskrit, “prana” means the life force, and “ayama” stands for the expression of special qualities of this life force. Everything that is linked to its manifestations and vibrations is not only about control and retention, it has to do with a creative aspect of the impact this life force makes. It generates an absolutely new attitude to everything.

Pranayama as breathing exercises

Pranayama influences all levels—spiritual, mental, energetic, bioenergetic, sensual and physical. Square breathing exercises (inhaling—holding the breath in—exhaling—holding the breath out) and triangle breathing exercises (inhaling—holding the breath in—exhaling) are elements of pranayama. But they are not pranayama yet.

The process of exercising the power of concentration when performing this or that technique and staying aware while retaining this concentration, is known as Kriya. It is therefore can be named Kriya-pranayama.

For me, pranayama is a level at which you create conditions for connecting with the sublime principle of being in Unity with your Higher Self and attain this Unity or get as close to it as possible, enter an altered state of consciousness, where your breathing stops, your thoughts stop, you transcend the mind and begin to realise your true nature. This process can be called the true pranayama. But the method of bringing to this state can also be called pranayama.

The essence of pranayama

Essentially, pranayama is about controlling, retaining, realising and experiencing all types of the Divine Power, or the presence of God.

This is an experience of the presence of the Power and Holy Spirit. This is an experience of Shakti energy.

This is an experience of the presence of that enormous creative power that creates all the worlds and everything related to it where the Primary Source is, and you gain awareness of it.

This is samadhi. This is the true pranayama.

Pranayama is energy that awakens, and our consciousness rises via chakras. When consciousness begins to awaken, kundalini does the same, and they meet. It means we ascend. Pranayama, the true pranayama, Kriya-pranayama, speeds this process up by hundreds of thousands of times.

In Kriya, one breath equals one year of natural evolution. In other words, when you take one breath, you go through one year of evolution. Ten minutes of practising Kriya techniques of the seventh stage equals twenty years of evolution, because in a minute you take two breaths.

It’s important, however, to do everything correctly and develop the right attitude to what you do. The right attitude is the right action. The right action is Kriya. Kriya is an action.

Master Imram

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