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19 November 2021

For city dwellers it’s important to pull themselves together. The majority of people don’t know where their assemblage point is located. Their mental plane is so active that they walk, breathe and do things mechanically. People always hide behind different masks and forget who they really are—this is the most important thing.

How not to lose energy

When you are not centred, you have too many hobbies, concerns, thoughts, that take the vital force out of you, and it is irrevocably gone. When you learn to be self-aware, you will gather all the energies around you and gain harmony.

If there’s one piece of advice I’d like to pass on, it’s for you to learn to physically feel your spine, forehead, back of the head and your entire body. But first, express your intention and ask yourself what you want out of life, who you are, where you have come from and where you’ll go from here.

Эти вопросы позволят вам постоянно вспоминать себя, помнить, для чего вы живёте.
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These questions won’t let you forget who you really are and what you live for. Admit that many people can’t figure out the purpose of their life and understand what to do. Once you’ve found your life purpose, you make a plan for achieving it. It’s not about planting a tree, raising a son and so on. This is not a purpose but something we do for ourselves as part of our social life. I am talking about the true purpose of life.

That’s why the first thing I advise you is to assemble your mental perceptions and immerse them in the Divine Cave—the head area, medulla oblongata and spinal cord that we view as one whole. This is the area where energies are concentrated.

You should concentrate your energy and remain in this state whatever you do, be it taking objects, drinking, or interacting with people. Do everything while being aware of the “I am” principle. Then you’ll be able to link your mental and physical planes together and avoid wasting energy and thus your life.

Your task is to remain centred.

Practical suggestions

When you are driving, keep your tongue rolled back. This is Khechari Mudra. In today’s world it’s very beneficial: you won’t have to bite your tongue when an unsolicited advice is about to be given.  Study how this mudra works.

Your thoughts, breathing and diet are the three pillars that must be taken under control.

Your diet should be healthy. Breathe properly and as consciously as you can, learn diaphragmatic breathing, and your prana and apana will meet. Shallow breathing is no good. Perform pranayamas when possible. However, if you practise Kriya Yoga, the energisation can be so powerful that your breathing will become shallow or even stop, but for Kriya practitioners this is another thing.

Develop the right mindset, which means the right attitude to life and, above all, to yourself. If you don’t know who you are and how to treat yourself, you won’t be able to realise the meaning of your life. That’s why the first thing we do at the Seminars is finding the proper way to treat oneself—we start to practise it.

Master Imram

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