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Why do we need spiritual practice


26 March 2021

Five universal human values

Five universal human values are central to the society in which we live. Can we say that Spiritual practice is the principle of telling the truth anytime and anywhere?But isn’t it our nature? Can we say that Spiritual practice is when we eat properly? But shouldn’t we always do so? Can we say that Spiritual practice is when we help our loved ones or ourselves? These are all natural processes.

But society in its evolution has gone below the level that is natural for us. Below what it was meant to be. It turns out that reading spiritual literature is an element of Spiritual practice, as well as praising God is an element of Spiritual practice, helping others, or the principle of telling the truth anytime and anywhere is an element of Spiritual practice. This is absurd, but it turns out that we are so degraded that ordinary, natural things have become Spiritual practices for us.

The universal human values are Satya, Dharma, Prema, Shanti, Ahimsa. The desire for Truth, or the desire to be an expression of Truth, is our natural state. Isn’t human being an expression of Truth, is their body that sinful that it doesn’t project the principle of Truth? The mind obscures and spoils evyrything. So Spiritual practice is about working on your mind and controlling the mental plane, the world of emotions, which in turn affects the body.

The body itself is the source of light, because the body is woven of lifetrons, atoms, behind which is the Creator himself, more and more subtly manifested. So the body itself is not sinful, the body is not bad, but the one who is actually present in the body and controls it, they indeed are good or bad in action. If the mind is clear, it follows the path of dharma, duty, righteousness, striving for unconditional love — that is the Spiritual practice.

Can we do without spiritual practice?

It is extremely difficult to do without spiritual practice in today’s world. The modern world is arranged so that if one does nothing, they go backwards. That is why the holy scriptures, particularly the Qur’an, say: “Two steps forward, one step back”. Why do we need that step back?For reflection, so that we don’t rush. But then two steps forward. And if a person does nothing — he takes two steps back and then one step forward, and in the end, he goes backwards. 

When people ask me, “Can I skip practice?” I say, “Due to circumstances, you can skip practice.” But when you practice — you advance by one day, but if you miss one day — you are three days behind, it happens too, because life is not static, it is moving, everything is changing, the information load is very heavy.

To live without spiritual practice is simply not to do anything. One who has attained the Higher Self is not engaged in Spiritual practice anymore. A person who has attained self-awareness, who has attained the Higher Self, can do nothing, because he is resilient.

In yoga, this is called “kevala kumbhaka” or “vairagya” — total stability. Once achieved, you become the master of the three worlds, you don’t need to practice because you realise your presence as the Higher Self, without ego.

Spiritual practice for men and women individually may be slightly different, but the purposes and goals are the same. There is a universal concept, which I talk about as Kriya, in which the methods are the same for both men and women, because it’s a universal concept. But the Master, seeing the individual peculiarities, may slightly modify the execution of the practice against the background of the basic methods. Because of each person’s characteristics and personal qualities, this is done at a higher, more advanced level, but the basic principles all remain the same. The soul has incarnated so many times in both male and female bodies, so in sublime methods like Kriya, you are simply doing what you are given. But the algorithm for execution may be different for each person. That is up to the Master to decide.

How the Science of Kriya works

The practice of Kriya is a universal science where you have the quality of transforming energy by engaging in advanced and high techniques in a state of Unity with the Creator. You raise your consciousness through the sushumna-dwar channel, through a very subtle channel, to a very high level of self-awareness, to the Spiritual level and thus rise above all attachments. You can apply something being free from it, you can accept something being free from it. When you practise Kriya Babaji meditation, that is the real prayer. In this state, you have no problems because the level of consciousness is very high.

We invite Divinity from above, and this Divinity itself brings everything into effect.When you invite the Divine from above, it controls everything itself — that’s how the Kriya method works. Your job is to strive for God and God comes. That high Spiritual transcendental power cleanses out in a downward flow all that is to be purified or transformed in a person. That doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that does it, but with its help you are transformed in your practice by practising Kriya. It’s a fundamentally different method…

Master Imram

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