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Статья Важность дух практ 808 х 808 Importance of spiritual practice
Science of Kriya
17 January 2024
You’re the future Masters. What can you bring to the world, what knowledge? You can come with personal experience.
1-19_09_327 Healing power of music
10 December 2023
If someone does not like music, that shows how far he is from the cosmic vibration, from the infinite power of Love.
DSC_3609 - 1 Dietary guidelines
17 October 2023
It would be right if you ate when you were really hungry, not when the stomach wall programme or the appetite
e2858c1a-9aee-435d-9e32-fd527d3a1680rd Challenges of the spiritual journey
10 August 2023
Stepping onto the spiritual path and walking it is not difficult for those who are praying or performing
f74893a3-1d07-4c75-b438-7688542b5f68 Parenting and child development
26 June 2023
Creating a nurturing environment is crucial for a child's development, allowing them to receive everything they need while also understanding the importance of effort and achievement.
DSC_1503 (1) What differentiates desires from needs
30 May 2023
When discussing desires, it is crucial to consider setting limits, or what can be referred to as the "ceiling on desires." This ceiling represents what is necessary for an individual to function effectively in their current reality

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808 х 808 Why we get tired
If you feel tired when you wake up, it means that at night you were fighting against your body and your mind.
1-808 х 808 How to stop racing thoughts
A human being can never get rid of mind altogether. Doing so would make us silly.
808 х 808-1 Affirmations
Affirmations work at the subconscious level, so this is a very important matter.
808 х 808 How to keep a relationship alive
If somebody doesn’t love you, and you think that you do love that person, just know that you are looking into a mirror.........
808 х 808 How to let go of grudges
Grudges are caused by our inner discomfort...
1-808 х 808 Wish fulfillment technique
You can find many techniques for the realization of desires, but they never work
1-808 х 808 Diet and fasting
Choose your own individually.
1-808 х 808 Khechari-mudra – the path to Cosmic Consciousness
Khechari-mudra – very closed practice
1-808 х 808 How to think positively
In order to achieve peace of mind and a state of joy, one must purify one's mind
1-808 х 808 Why do family conflicts occur
You live together, but you are different, you each have different psychological types. All of us has an ego - it is precisely the ego that does not allow a person to accept another.
The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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