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Статья Важность дух практ 808 х 808 Importance of spiritual practice
Science of Kriya
17 January 2024
You’re the future Masters. What can you bring to the world, what knowledge? You can come with personal experience.
1-19_09_327 Healing power of music
10 December 2023
If someone does not like music, that shows how far he is from the cosmic vibration, from the infinite power of Love.
DSC_3609 - 1 Dietary guidelines
17 October 2023
It would be right if you ate when you were really hungry, not when the stomach wall programme or the appetite
e2858c1a-9aee-435d-9e32-fd527d3a1680rd Challenges of the spiritual journey
10 August 2023
Stepping onto the spiritual path and walking it is not difficult for those who are praying or performing
f74893a3-1d07-4c75-b438-7688542b5f68 Parenting and child development
26 June 2023
Creating a nurturing environment is crucial for a child's development, allowing them to receive everything they need while also understanding the importance of effort and achievement.
DSC_1503 (1) What differentiates desires from needs
30 May 2023
When discussing desires, it is crucial to consider setting limits, or what can be referred to as the "ceiling on desires." This ceiling represents what is necessary for an individual to function effectively in their current reality

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1-808 х 808 How to enter creative flow of life
What does "being in the flow" mean, and how can we achieve this state? It is actually rather easy.
1-808 х 808 How to start meditating if you don’t have time
My first advice always is
1-808 х 808 Money and success
Money, as energy, flows to those who have power. If a person lacks power - spiritual power, - money won’t come to them.
1-808 х 808 How to improve your eyesight
If something is wrong with the physical body, it means that something is wrong with the astral and mental bodies, too. But not with the Spirit. There are no breakdowns in the Spiritual plane!
1-808 х 808 How to be happy?
If your actions and thoughts diverge from words or vice versa, your life falls apart. If you analyse, make sense of your actions - karma changes.
1-808 х 808 Literature for self-development
That is why I advise everyone: read books written by realised Masters. Books are the second teacher. If you don't have a teacher, a good book in the form of knowledge will create an element of energy that will bring you to meet the Master. This always happens.
1-808 х 808 How music affects us
Vibration of sound is linked to our chakras. Almost everything in our life is connected to energy centres. There exists a good classification of musical instruments by chakras they impact.For example, drums are connected to the lower chakra—Muladhara. Wind instruments like trumpets or trombone affect the second centre—Swadhishthana.
1-808 х 808 Adopting children
A woman can't have children for various reasons - they may be psychological as well as karmic. It means some soul has no opportunity to incarnate through the body of this mother.
1 - 1684 х 1040 What is a spiritual name
The spiritual name is the vibration that is consonant with the Soul. And when a Master gives a person a spiritual name, it vibrates in the person and changes his karma, changes the way he or she lives.
1-808 х 808 What is initiation?
The whole world programs people, and that's why people have problems today. If a person wants to get rid of these programs, he needs to take responsibility for himself, for his life and for his loved ones. One needs to transform his consciousness and learn not to be at the mercy of this matrix principle.
The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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