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1-DSC_6383 Bad habits — how to get rid of them?
24 January 2023
If you want to change your habits, to replace the old, unnecessary, unhelpful ones with new and useful ones, it is better to approach this consciously, scientifically.
146cfcb8-a5e6-432c-8787-c45cff9ccbab How music helps
25 November 2022
Sound is the foundation of life. Almost everything that people play, sing and listen to, are the different tones of one sound.
DlyaStatyi_1 What makes a child afraid?
25 October 2022
Children tend to be highly impressionable. Owing to this they have a lot to process, so at some point various fears start to emerge from their subconscious.
BreathPrinciples_квадрат The principle of breathing in Kriya
Science of Kriya
18 October 2022
When you breathe intensively, you are burning energy, you are working off karma, but you are reducing the amount of life this way, and you need something to compensate for that.
1-808 х 808 How to control prana
10 October 2022
You can experience the entire Universe through the knowledge of prana, of the atom. The atom is closer to us, it is the total of these energies, the concentration of this power.If you know yourself and your consciousness reaches the level of atomic perception, you will experience the whole Universe.
1 (3) Types of human consciousness
26 September 2022
Suffering does not end if you take actions towards destroying your nature, actions that lead to unfavourable results.

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1-808 х 808 Tips for city dwellers
For city dwellers it’s important to pull themselves together. The majority of people don’t know where their assemblage point is located. Their mental plane is so active that they walk, breathe and do things mechanically. People always hide behind different masks and forget who they really are—this is the most important thing.
1-808 х 808 What is beyond prana
The journey of becoming awake can be difficult, that's why our task is to take control of our consciousness and channel it towards self-development. By spiritualising the material nature, by making the cell very conscious, we also make the life force prana conscious and through it move on in our development.
1- 808 х 808 What is prana?
You can see prana when you practise meditation on Sound and Light, because you also develop centres that are able to see beyond the ordinary sight. It’s a matter of time.
Саи 808 х 808 Incurable diseases
There are no diseases that cannot be cured, but we may be short of time. But an aware person can completely recover from any illness even when facing death within a few minutes.
1 1640 х 1040 How to raise a child
Every child carries in them certain qualities – they are born with them. If parents learn to respect these qualities, then the child will definitely begin to respect his parents.
1 - 1640 х 1040 Kriya is the foundation of spiritual practices
People distinguish between different yoga types, systems of the East and West, different religions until they realise that everything is one. For example, we’ll see no distinctions between Tao systems and yoga systems, if we understand their underlying principles and unity. This is also true for religions. Everything is in union, but externally methods are expressed in different ways.
1 1640 х 1040 How to start the practice of Kriya yoga
Kriya is when you fit three levels of consciousness at once into one level, into one action. Only then it is Kriya. Even if a person takes an online course or has seen 42 kriyas, they still need to attend the Seminar to understand the essence, structure, inner system, because these exercises are not just exercises.
1684 х 1040 How people lose their spiritual power
People who are on their journey towards Cosmic Consciousness or strive for it, gain goodness along the way and receive sufficiently powerful energy. Then they begin to feel inspired. Yet there are those who are not inspired in such a way. Therefore, they don't aspire to spiritual fulfilment, don't use their creative potential.
1 How food affects a person
Food carries information. It is energy in its manifested form. If you bring something into your body, it becomes the building material for it. But the building material is expressed not only physically, but also informationally. Therefore, such an expression is out there: "We are what we think about, we are what and how we breathe, and we are what we eat".
Ребенок Creative energies
Every child is born gifted, but not all children can keep their talents and multiply them.That’s why, when practising, people discover that they have certain qualities and abilities. Some may start to compose music or write beautiful poetry and so on. It suggests that something that we have got from on high begins to awake.
The consciousness of the Master is Omnipresent and this Master is the Higher Self
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